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Press Releases

New Projects to Close 03’ and Launch the New Year
January 2004
Greenwich, CT-- Despite the fact that the creative industry got off to a sluggish start in 2003, Greenwich based, Berni Marketing & Design has closed a banner year with several large projects. Clients presented Berni Marketing & Design with a variety of challenges in 2003.

Summer Projects at Berni Marketing & Design
August 17, 2003
It has been a hot summer at Berni Marketing & Design in Greenwich, CT. The Berni team has just completed two new branding and identity projects for Castleberry/Snow's and American Heritage.

New Spring 2003 Projects at Berni Marketing & Design

March 26, 2003
New spring branding and identity projects at Berni Marketing & Design, Greenwich, CT. include work for three new clients.

Berni Marketing & Design Awarded New Projects
October 22, 2002
Berni Marketing & Design, the Greenwich-based branding consultancy, has been awarded several new projects from old and new clients in branding identity, naming, packaging, and collateral material creation.

Berni Marketing & Design Creates Packaging for New Smokeless Tobacco Product
October 14, 2002
Bigger things are coming from U.S. Smokeless Tobacco in new packages created by Berni Marketing & Design of Greenwich, Ct.

Berni Wins New Assignment for Stonebridge Partners
For immediate release, July 25, 2002
Berni will redesign the firm’s web site.

Berni Marketing and Design Wins World Wide Web Award
June 1, 2002
Berni Marketing & Design of Greenwich, CT has won the World Wide Web Award from The Connecticut Press Club for best web site content and news pages of the year.

2002 Spring Projects at Berni
April 16, 2002

Berni at work on new projects for clients in branding strategy.

Flinn, Reyman Promoted at Berni
For immediate release, April 4, 2002
Theodore R. Flinn of Greenwich, CT has been promoted to Vice President, Marketing for Berni Marketing & Design, announces firm President/CEO Stuart M. Berni. Audra Reyman has been named Account Manager.

Berni Creates New Brand Brochures For TD Waterhouse
For release on or after 2/15/02
Berni Marketing & Design of Greenwich, CT, has just completed a new visual identity and collateral communications system for both the institutional and retail divisions of TD Waterhouse, Inc., a dominant on-line and retail banking/brokerage powerhouse.

New Fall Projects at Berni
For immediate release, November 30, 2001
Berni Marketing & Design, Greenwich, CT, is at work on three major corporate assignments.

2001 Berni Awards Competition Suspended
For immediate release, November 2, 2001
The 2001 Berni Awards, an annual competition for the best in product packaging and web site branding citing the "Berni Bests" and "Berni Bombs," will not be held this year in deference to the terrorist attacks on The World Trade Center and our country's ongoing crisis.

At Berni the Topic is Topical
For immediate release, August 22, 2001
"Berni has just completed two branding assignments within the $45 billion skin care industry, one a total brand revamp for DBI, world's largest manufacturer of witch hazel, and the second a positioning of a new product for the global great Beiersdorf."

Berni Updates Image, Identity
June 19, 2001
"Berni has just completed its own corporate identity/branding program."

New Staff & Promotions at Berni Marketing & Design
April 19, 2001
To fulfill project assignments from six new clients, Berni Marketing & Design President/CEO Stuart M. Berni announces an addition to senior staff and two promotions.

New Spring Projects at BERNI
April 9, 2001

Web Site Branding Roundtable Discussion
March 14, 2001
"What constitutes a 'good' web site? What are the components that make it indelibly 'branded' as well as user effective?"

2000 Berni Awards at Le Cirque
February 22, 2001
"Judges and principals discuss elements of winning branding/design."

BERNI Exec Predicts Millennial Trends in Packaging, Branding
For Immediate Release, October 20, 2000
"Senior VP of Marketing, Anthony J. Pearson, foresees a new marketplace reality: the brand IS the identity. And marketing will never be the same."