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In The News

Jupitermedia Reflects Recent Acquisition: expert commentary by Stuart M. Berni
Stamford Advocate
By Richard Lee

"When companies merge, they should consider whose name is most recognizable when determining their new identity," said Stuart Berni, President and chief executive officer of Berni Marketing & Design.

Face Lifts for Financial Firms: Berni Marketing Expands From Consumer Branding to Offer Banks Its Services
Stamford Advocate
By Richard Lee
If there is a field in today's economy that needs the help of a brand-building company such as Berni Marketing & Design, it's the financial industry.

Private Label Goes Premium
Modern Grocer
By Stuart Berni
The private label Premium offering creates higher margins and needs to grow and be supported to meet surging demand. How?

Rebranding to Rebuild: Restoring Investor Confidence With An Image Makeover
Wall Street Letter
It’s an opportune time to take a look at your brand, your brand promise and the expectations associated with your firm. It’s time for financial services companies to ask themselves how they are perceived by clients and prospective clients and if that perception meets with the firm’s long-term strategy and goals.

People and Accounts of Note
New York Times
By Allison Fass

Two executives were promoted at Berni Marketing and Design, Greenwich, Conn.

No Pit Stops Ahead for Dashboard Diners
Interview with Stuart M. Berni

"Convenience and customization are the focus for food marketers amid recession reshuffling, consolidating, and tossing unprofitable units."

The New Color of Money
"The nation's financial services giants are using a mix of patriotism and reassurance to brand themselves through industry consolidation, a downward economic spiral and a fearful investment climate."

"What Women Want": A Primer for the C-Store Operator Growth
Convenience Store News
With everyone getting into everyone else's business - supermarkets with mini-convenience stores and gas pumps in their parking lots - c-stores are looking at how to better define their niche and increase market share, particularly among women.

"BERN UNIT: "Environmental Unit"
Stuart Berni Column in DE-ZINE Online Newsletter
"An intricate visual pas de deux is going on in stores these days. The design of the store must interact kinetically with the merchandise the store carries, as well as with its own private brand. Stores are becoming branded environments, defined by design."

Formulas for Growth
Supermarket News
As SN takes its annual look at the overall state of the private-label industry, statistical evidence develops that shows the market is still maintaining the strong growth trend of several years.

"BERN UNIT: "Twixt and Teens"
Stuart Berni Column in DE-ZINE Online Newsletter
"When Shakespeare defined the seven stages of man, he obviously was ignorant of future acceleration and social currents that would give us an unanticipated 8th stage: "Tweens." And in spite of the silly name, they're a consumer presence to be reckoned with.

"BERN UNIT: "Squeezing the Lemons"
Stuart Berni Column in DE-ZINE Online Newsletter
"I reflect daily on an old Chinese proverb: 'The beginning of wisdom is to call things by their right names.'...The trick is to arrive upon a name that communicates the real meaning of the company's offering, and to do it without losing consumer loyalty or name recognition."

Branding is Tactic du Jour
Greenwich Time/Stamford Advocate
"...branding has become an invaluable strategy that companies such as Marlboro, Coca-Cola and Hewlett Packard have mastered."

Color Their Minds
Graphic Design
"Because color translates into perceptions, we use colors in specific categories to achieve tested effects."

"BERN UNIT: Keep on Truckin'
Stuart Berni Column in DE-ZINE Online Newsletter
"Can trucks more relevantly communicate the brand experience, or further even tactical components of a company's broader strategy?"

"Cereal Killers"
Stuart Berni Column in DE-ZINE Online Newsletter
"Corn flakes. Cheerios. Shredded Wheat. Staples of the family breakfast. When did it all begin to go wrong?"

"Financial Service Firms: Differentiate or Die"
Fairfield County Business Journal, CT
"Large financial institutions are now offering a dizzying array of financial services. Is 'one-stop shopping' really the answer for financial services?"

"He Shops, She Shops"
Progressive Grocer
"Are there gender-based differences in supermarket shopping today? Berni (Marketing & Design) found out."

"Packaging in Search of the Future"
Packaging Digest
"Leading designers reflect on the impact of icons and other stimuli in reaching consumers with ideas that touch the mind as well as the emotions."

Berni 2000 Awards
The Patent Trader
"Innovative food packaging for a new incarnation of a traditional product and an interactive artisans' web site topped this year's 2000 Berni Awards."

Design Scout Agency of the Week
Design Scout - The Search Engine for Design

"Creating Instant Recognition"
Greenwich Magazine
"Brand-building, whether for people or companies, even towns, is what keeps the artistic juices flowing at Berni Design."

Fame by Design: 21st Century Strategies
Design Scout's DE-ZINE Online Newsletter
"Effective design is about perception. Building it -- or revising it -- by changing perceptions. It's about fame."

"How to Create Winning PL Design"
Private Label
"How to create winning PL design and how not to. To paraphrase Freud: What do your customers want?"

What's Your e-IQ?"
Discount Merchandiser
"For the discount retailer, using the web as an incentive tool is key. Are you achieving your sales and service objectives on the Internet?"